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My first introduction to lure fishing came on the banks of the mighty Macleay River, targeting Bass just 4km above Kempsey in Northern NSW. Spinning for Bass intrigued me, and I quickly moved on to other quarries such as Flathead in saltwater.

In 1970 my thirst for other targets was soon quenched, when a good friend from Sydney drew my attention to the art of luring Bream. Bream spinning was seen as something of a stunt then, a by-catch of a Flathead session, but these days it has become the norm, with A.B.T. series competitions targeting this species by lure only means.

My profession at that time was as a self employed painter decorator. Painting gave me an insight into colour schemes, helping me design appropriate attracting colours and patterns for different species of fish.

After designing and making timber lures, which worked rather well, for mates and myself, I decided to make some saleable products and break into the cottage lure industry. It wasn't long before I was in full time production, with the demand for my lures keeping me more and more away from my passion of fishing.

All my products are individually and lovingly hand shaped, painted and assembled. VMC hooks, rings and towing clips are of the highest quality to ensure a strong reliable product for all your piscatorial interludes.

The lures I now design and manufacture in Port Macquarie are ideal for a vast array of situations and styles of fishing. My ranges include Deep Divers, Shallow Runners, Paddlers, Poppers, Fizzers and Vibration Blades, in a range of different sizes and colours. All lures come in a variety of natural and attractor colours, which cover any lighting and water conditions in both salt and fresh water fishing applications.

In the Koolabung range you will find lures specifically designed, and extensively water tested, for Bream, Bass, Barramundi and Murray Cod, but the catch list extends to almost all salt and fresh water fish in Australia. The new Koolabung X-RAY range of vibration blade lures is creating great interest throughout the recreational and competition fishing fraternity, as the catch list of this amazingly effective and versatile lure grows daily.

Eddie Studman